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Corporal Punishment in Bearys Institute of Technology
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I have come across an inside information that the Chairman of Bearys Intitute of Technology Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary literally beat(punched)a group of more than a dozen college students on the face because of a very minor issue of being late for prayers. Mr. Beary has also been physically punishing these college students. It is a serious concern to me as I am also a post-secondary student, while not in the same college/state and I view the violation of the rights of students in this manner absolutely unacceptable. Bearys group also has schools for small children around Mangalore. It would be a shame if those innocent children are subjected to the same kind of inhumane treatment. How can we let this go on without raising a voice and making people like Mr. Beary realize the gravity of his actions? I would deeply appreciate it someone in authority goes to this college and investigate on the condition of the students there. If we don't do something now, we wont't do anything ever.
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